Mr.Shailendra Goswami                     Mr.Pushkar Goswami                      Mrs.Shruti Goswami
                (Chairman & Managing Director)          (Joint Managing Director)                          (Director)

'Pushkaraj' Group of companies was founded by Mr. Shailendra Goswami (Chairman & Managing Director) a Graduate Engineer from College of Engineering, Pune (1974) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (1977). He served in industry for about 16 years before starting his own business in 1992.

Mrs.Shruti Goswami (Director) has been associated with the group since 1992. She is a Post Graduate in science faculty from Pune University. She has authored a book "Recipes Delight". Please browse for more details.

Mr.Pushkar Goswami (Joint Managing Director) has joined the group in 2003. He is a Production Engineer and a rank holder from Pune University and has completed his studies in Business Management at the Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune. He has worked extensively on Engineering Technologies for EURO IV & V, Hybrid Electric & Gas Vehicles and Light Weighting & Reduction in Fuel consumption in Automotive Industry as well as Engineering Technologies applied in core industries.

Pushkaraj,since its inception is a multifaceted group, catering to Diesel Engine Manufacturers, Automotive Manufacturers, Engineering Industry, National Research institutes, Oil and Gas sector, Ship-building yards, Compressor Manufacturers, etc.

The Core Activities of 'Pushkaraj' are:

  • Cost reduction.

  • Technology Forecasting and Engineering Services.

  • Global sourcing of raw materials, components and equipments.

  • Agency sales.

  • Exports

    a) Core Industry Components & parts

    b) Automotive parts

  • Management and Marketing Consultancy in End to End solution offerings & setting up JVCs.

Our Sister Companies:
Over the years, as the business grew, following Pushkaraj Group of Companies were formed to become more customer/market focused.

  • Coherent Net-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (CNSPL) - for sourcing of Electronic & Telecom components, PCB'S and PCB Assemblies, Auto Electricals etc. URL:

  • Aditya Enterprises - Manufacturing of Pigtail Assemblies / Wiring Harness, Controllers, Switches and Contract Manufacturing.

Our Prestigious Customers:
Our efforts in Cost Reduction & Promoting Technology Products have resulted in prestigious customers in the following sectors of Industry:

  • Automotive Manufacturers

  • Diesel Engine Manufacturers

  • Generator Set Manufacturers

  • Control Panel Manufacturers

  • Gas Engine Manufacturers

  • Tractor Manufacturers

  • Pump Manufacturers

  • Process and Project Engineering Companies

  • Brake Manufacturers

  • Compressor Manufacturers

  • Electric Motor Manufacturers

  • Component Manufacturers (Auto and Diesel Engine)

  • CNG Engine

  • OIL & GAS Industry

  • Power Plants

  • Air Suspension Equipment

  • Emission Control Systems

  • Cement

  • Steel Manufactures

  • Refineries

  • Lub oil skids

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Refineries

  • Nuclear Power

  • Thermal Power